February 28, 2023

Recently, foreigners have been showing interest in Turkey's growing real estate market. In this manner, Turkey presents the best investment locations, such as Istanbul, Antalya, İzmir, Bodrum, and Fethiye. How to buy a flat in Turkey is a popular question of many people interested in having a home here.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey?

The Turkish state permits foreigners to buy a flat without any trouble. Over the years, foreigners from the UK, USA, EU countries, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, China, and Saudi Arabia funded properties in Turkey due to the various benefits; for example, if you purchase an apartment worth at least $400,000, you can get Turkish citizenship in few months. The other opportunity includes investing in more than one real estate for $400,000.

Progress in the transportation, health sector, economy, and entertainment have influenced the real estate sector. Real estate values have become very advantageous as everyone wants to settle in this gorgeous country for the facilities and opportunities Turkey has to offer.

Buying property for sale in Turkey for foreigners is more affordable than ever. Still, it could be dangerous for you to enter a market or a country where you have a limited amount of knowledge. To help you, as Maya International, we decided to put all the summarized details on this page to help you on your way to investing in a property in Turkey.


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