February 28, 2023

Turkey rates 11th in the global economy, with a mixture of industries and services that promote its economy. Indeed, there are numerous sectors to make an investment in Turkey for foreign investors. 

Foreigners are attracted to Turkey because their motivations vary on the project and type, especially for the dynamic, young, experienced crew, governmental encouragement, tax-exempts, and free land allocations.

Investing in the Stock Market

The stock market is where trades occur through the agent and to be booming in the market requires patience, knowledge, experience, and strategic planning.

Investing in the Health Sector

The health sector has gone through a lot of variation in the last 15 years and has become one of the sectors to finance in Turkey for foreigners.

Investing in Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has an excellent reputation in terms of acquisition in tourism. Turkey's tourism sector is growing because of foreign and local investors. Turkey is a world-famous tourist country with its wild and historical places under the protection of UNESCO with various areas. It greets thousands of tourists every year and thousands of foreigners for investment. 

Investing in Logistics

In terms of imports and exports, Turkey is the most dynamic country. The logistics sector is excellent for investing in a high commercial income rate. 

Investing in Special Metals in Turkey

Gems of exact rate standards, usually relying on their solid and reliable nature, low-risk investment in treasured metals are stable in the world economy. Like the stock market, financing in precious metals also needs expertise.

Investing in Real Estate

In a short time, real estate in Turkey has made itself at the top of the list as an investment opportunity by most foreign investors.

In the long term, investing in real estate is Turkey's most profitable investment option. And as the real estate sector in Turkey is increasing, the real estate values are also rising, resulting in high profits from the properties in Turkey. 


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