February 28, 2023

Turkey can offer its residents a good environment and an active and healthy lifestyle. And primarily, people see that they get more than their money's price when they move to Turkey.

To make sure of the idea of moving to Turkey, it is good to learn some things beforehand. Research the places, rent before buying property in Turkey, plan according to your earnings and residence status, and most importantly, ensure your healthcare needs are met.

The Government has made some agreements regarding Turkish citizenship acquisition by foreigners in Turkey. However, with the new change, foreigners have started to apply for citizenship by purchasing property worth at least $400,000.

Getting a Residence Permit in Turkey is Easy & Quick

Acquiring a residence permit in Turkey is a straightforward thing to do. Any stranger can just come here and apply for residency from the first day in the country. And after five successive years as a resident, it is also easy to get Turkish citizenship.

Obtaining a residence card requires you to lease a flat for a year, fill out a few papers, and apply in one of the immigration department offices in the city where you are based. You can do it on your own or hire somebody to help.

Turkey is just one of a few countries where you can become a resident fast, without spending much effort and money on it. Many countries worldwide that have a high quality of life also have a rigorous and complicated process of obtaining a residency.

On the contrary, being a developed country, Turkey made it extremely easy to become a resident and settle here.

The state every year makes some adjustments to the legislation regarding residency. But essentials for application stay really basic.


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