• CITY İstanbul
  • REGION Eyüpsultan
  • PROPERTY AREA 63 m² - 244.5 m²
  • LAND AREA 110.000 m²
  • DELIVERY 12-2024
  • PRICE RANGE $ 325,315 - $ 1,434,344

Enjoy a luxury ideal location by the Golden Horn

- Modern Design and Infrastructure:
The project stands out with its contemporary and elegant design, catering to the needs of modern inhabitants while boasting a sophisticated infrastructure that ensures its residents' comfort and daily necessities.

- Prime Location in Eyüpsultan:
The project is nestled in the enchanting and distinguished Eyüpsultan area, placing it close to essential commercial, cultural, and entertainment hubs within the city.

- Enchanting Views:
The project's apartments offer captivating vistas, allowing residents to indulge in the breathtaking beauty of the Marmara Sea or the enchanting cityscape.

- Cutting-Edge Amenities and Advanced Technology:
The apartments have state-of-the-art facilities, including an intelligent home system that seamlessly manages lighting, heating, cooling, and electronic devices with utmost ease and convenience.

- Luxurious Living:
The project offers its residents an opportunity to relish a luxurious and distinctive living experience, where they can savor all the modern comforts and services in one place.

- Promising Investment:
Given its exceptional location and high demand for properties in this vibrant area of Istanbul, the project serves as a promising investment opportunity.

- Flexible Installment Options:
The project provides potential buyers with convenient installment plans, making it easier and more accessible to acquire the perfect apartment.

- Entertainment and Shopping Choices:
Near the project, you'll find many shopping centers, entertainment complexes, restaurants, and cafes, making shopping and leisure activities a delightful experience for the residents.

- Embracing Peace and Nature:
The project is surrounded by beautiful green spaces and splendid natural scenery, allowing inhabitants to relish tranquility and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

- Safety and Security Services:
The project ensures high safety and protection with its 24/7 security and advanced surveillance system, guaranteeing the well-being of residents and their belongings.

Why this project?
- Exceptional Location:
The project is nestled in one of the most beautiful downtown areas in the European part of Istanbul, boasting a sophisticated design and surrounded by all the services needed by residents, which enhances its investment value.

- Breathtaking Views:
The apartments in the project offer enchanting views of the city, historical sites, and a partial glimpse of the sea, adding beauty and charm to the residents' lives.

- Proximity to Tourist Landmarks:
The project is conveniently situated near Golden Horn Bay and numerous historical sites and parks, allowing residents to indulge in the captivating ambiance of history and nature.

- Easy Access to Transportation:
The project benefits from its proximity to the main E-5 highway, connecting the area to other parts of Istanbul, with public transportation, including the metro, making commuting effortless and comfortable for residents.

- Close to Commercial and Service Facilities:
The project is situated opposite the renowned Axis Mall, granting residents access to a diverse array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

- Convenience, Healthcare, and Education Services:
The project is surrounded by numerous healthcare centers, hospitals, schools, and universities, providing residents with peace of mind and easy access to essential services.

- Elegant Design and Premium Amenities:
The project features a modern and stylish design that cleverly utilizes spaces, exuding elegance and distinctiveness while offering exceptional amenities such as meeting rooms, a basketball court, an indoor swimming pool, and communal terraces.

The project is your optimal choice for luxurious living and promising investment in one of the most upscale areas of Istanbul—a unique residential experience with all the advantages and services you need for a luxurious and distinctive life.



  • 24/7 Security
  • Close to Metro


Rams City

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